Malory Tate x Elizabeth Lake

Porcelain Tulipiere Green


We're thrilled to share a limited-edition collaboration with London-based ceramicist, Malory Tate. Inspired by sculptural vessels from the 17th and 18th centuries, Malory’s works are hand-thrown with a semi-porcelain body and glazed with a watercolor effect.

Layered with multiple hues of copper green and cobalt blue glaze, this tulip vase is the ultimate celebration of spring. The tulipiere is one of Malory's signature pieces, informed by the rich history of this tulip-wielding vessel and reimagined by Malory's contemporary approach to form and glazing. Each piece is meticulously crafted over a two month period.

  • Dimensions: 11.5 H x 6.5" W
  • Semi-porcelain
  • Hand-thrown & glazed in the UK

Note: Please note that these are handmade works of art and details and dimensions may vary slightly.

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