At Home with Bradley Agather

Deep in the heart of Texas, Fort Worth to be exact, Bradley Agather can be found making all of our tabletop dreams come true. For over a decade Bradley has worked as a freelance writer and founder of Luella & June, where she shares her highly curated edit on all things fashion, beauty, interiors and beyond. More recently, Bradley has taken on the new role as mom to George and as a co-founder of Bisette, a luxury gifting service that takes her on a hunt for the ever elusive 'perfect' gift. We called on our friend to teach us a few party tricks while entertaining at home.

"I’m all about a good mix - high and low, old and new. I think the best tables are the ones that are a menagerie of items collected over time."

Sicily Scallop Placemat, Big Love Dinner Napkin 

What are you celebrating right now?

The little things! The current situation has really forced me to pause and take stock of all the good in my life - including all of the extra time at home with my family. I’ve enjoyed making the little things like dinner at home feel extra special even if it is just the two of us. 

What's your approach to entertaining friends and family at home? How do you keep things festive?

Festive is the name of my game. I love a theme (even if, sometimes, that theme is just “a damn good party”). I try to let that steer the direction for everything from the menu and cocktails to the tablesetting and playlist. I also never send my guests home empty-handed: I think a party favor (even just a to-go box of homemade cookies) is the finishing touch to any party. Attention to detail is everything. 

We love that you mix high and low in your wardrobe. Do you take a similar approach when dressing the table?  

I’m all about a good mix - high and low, old and new. I think the best tables are the ones that are a menagerie of items collected over time. I love taking a plate found at a vintage store and dressing it up with things like hand-embroidered linens and gold flatware. I apply the same high-low approach to the menu, too - think: fried chicken served on silver platters.

What are your favorite occasions to host? 

Monthly game nights, pizza parties on the patio, and just-because dinner parties… I like it all! 

Sicily Scallop Placemat Olive and White, Michelle Dinner Napkin

With the launch of Bisette, you and your co-founder (Eden Delaune) offer a hands-on approach to luxury gifting. Tell us more about your services and who this is for.

Bisette is a luxury gifting service, specializing in wedding registry consultation, corporate gift selections, and personal gifting for friends and family. From the CEO who doesn’t have an extra minute to the husband looking to step up his game, we are here for it! We like to think of ourselves as a quiet authority: we do the work, you take the credit.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to gifting? 

My personal philosophy on gifting is to give a gift that reflects the recipient, not you. Just because you think pink is a neutral doesn’t mean your mother-in-law does.

Indian Tulip Dinner Napkin Ocean, Hanover Placemat Ocean

What are a few of the experiences that you attribute most to informing your style and training your eye?

I credit my early work experiences in publications (Teen Vogue, W, The Dallas Morning News) for teaching me how to edit, which I think is really everything. It’s the most important skill when it comes to knowing one’s own style. 

Who do you look to for inspiration – fashion, interiors and beyond?

These days, I find that Instagram is really my greatest source of inspiration. I’ve spent many-a-late-night doing a deep dive through the world of IG. It’s a magical rabbit hole of discovery.

Favorite piece from Elizabeth Lake?

The Big Love dinner napkins are so fabulous. I find that they really work with just about everything - from formal place settings to the most casual ones. The heart adds such a festive, finishing touch. 

Sicily Scallop Placemat, Big Love Dinner Napkin

It's the summer dinner party of your dreams... set the table for us!

WhatA just-because dinner party with all my favorite friends (10-12, to be specific, as I find that’s really the perfect guest list number. 

Where:  My backyard. (In reality, Texas summer temperatures would never allow for this but since this is a dream, we can totally do it!)

What to wear:  My new favorite dress from Soler. It’s the perfect summer dress: light and airy, but makes a statement!

On the Table:  A simple stripe linen tablecloth, my Elizabeth Lake Sicily placemats in green, plates from Laboratorio Paravincini’s “Playplates” collection, and the blue Michelle napkin from Elizabeth Lake. I would add in a colorful glass for water along with my favorite bamboo flatware. Hand-painted straw fans would serve as the place cards (I’m all about the extras!). As for flowers, pink peonies, of course.

Under the Table:  My sweet dog Lucy, waiting patiently for someone to pass her a little nibble. 

On the Plate:  Pizza and pasta. (My husband refers to pizza with a side of pasta as a “pizza snack.”)

In the Glass: Margaritas at cocktail hour and plenty of wine at dinner. 

Around the Table:  We’ll have to wait and see who gets the invitation!