At Home with Alyce Tran

Sydney-based entrepreneur Alyce Tran worked as a corporate lawyer until pivoting to pursue her passion project in fashion full-time. The Daily Edited was born from the idea to create classic, monogrammable leather accessories - a concept that found immediate success, requiring that Alyce scale quickly and internationally.

We had the chance to chat with Alyce about the early days launching TDE and her recent venture into tabletop as a co-founder and creative director of In the Roundhouse. Alyce offered us a peek into her home, where we discovered a festive table set with pale green dinner plates and freshly cut florals.

Take us back to 2014 when you made the leap from corporate lawyer to launch The Daily Edited?

The Daily Edited was started as a passion project, a creative outlet for my co-founder (Tania Liu) and I from our full time work as lawyers as you mention!  We just wanted to have something fun to do outside of work that was exciting to talk about with our friends, as naturally no one wanted to talk about our legal work. We had a few false starts, actually beginning with a clothing line first called "Edited" that we ran for 2 years. That didn't receive too much commercial traction and then when the accessories came along we started very simple and have scaled our collection into quite complex and specialised product. 

Over the past seven years you've opened eight stores across Australia, as well as a storefront on Bleecker Street in New York City. What has proven to be most challenging while growing your business at home and abroad?

I think the most challenging aspect of brick and mortar retailing is maintaining consistency across each location and keeping a larger team engaged. The people management aspect to me is the most difficult; it's rewarding but to keep everyone happy and engaged is challenging.

"My house is little so I only host a few friends at a time. Casual dinners done well is my vibe."

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Flash forward to 2018 and you've entered the world of tabletop and homewares with the launch of In the RoundhouseWhat strengths have enabled you to pivot so successfully?

I love making products!  With TDE we are constantly doing so many events that I produce and style, and I felt there was a gap in the market in tabletop homewares.  The skills I have gained in curating the TDE brand have been carried over into In the Roundhouse.  I also know it takes time to grow a business so I haven't put too much pressure on myself with In the Roundhouse, as I'm sure we will pivot a few times before we are onto something truly great! 

We absolutely love that you're bringing something original and colorful to the table. Can you tell us a little about your design process?

Thank you!  I look at fashion and art, and consider how certain trends can be broken down and placed on homewares!  I draw a lot of patterns that often don't look too great, but for every 10 I come up with something that might translate well onto the product. 

We’ve also collaborated with different artists for our collections. When we came up with the idea to do a words series, no pre-set fonts really looked great so I contacted artist, Daimon Downey to collage the Italian words! 

Who do you look to for inspiration?

In terms of inspiration, I consume a lot of print media, books, galleries, overseas shopping experiences. On Instagram I love Lauren Santo Domingo (@thelsd), Sugokuii Events (@sugokuiievents) and Fiona Leahy (@fionaleahydesign).  

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What are your favorite occasions to host?  How do you keep things festive at home?

My house is little so I only really host a few friends at a time, so casual dinners done well is my vibe! I keep things festive with candles, In the Roundhouse, a good playlist and now Elizabeth Lake!

For special occasions we like to customise products from TDE, such as iPhone cases and wallets, with names or initials to act as place cards at the table. I like to add personal touches that will be memorable for guests and fun for them to take home.

We have to imagine you're exceptional at gifting. What do you get the friend who has everything?

Seriously, now it will be Elizabeth Lake, but generally for the friend who has everything it will be something cute and maybe not too practical for the home! 


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WhatA relaxed dinner

Where:  Capri

What to wear:  Keep it to basic Zimmerman

On the Plate: Vongole

In the Glass: Champagne

On the Table:  Shell vases, colourful napkins

Around the Table:  My sister and a few close friends